2018 will be our best year yet. From our Young Gents book club to the next level of leadership development, every year we are getting bigger and better!


We will be settling into our new meeting space at The Commerce Club on the 49th floor of 191 Peachtree Tower in Atlanta, Georgia, with incredible views and first-rate amenities!


Visiting Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Anaheim, the Young Gents will take California this year!

2018-2019 Young Gents Travel Experience

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Silicon Valley

This year, our Young Gents will take the trip of a lifetime visiting Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Anaheim in sunny California! They will get exclusive tours and meet with professionals from SpaceX, Google, Instagram, and Facebook! Continuing with the fun, the boys will also visit Disney Land and get to ride the Amtrack train along the way. This is not a trip to miss!

The Process

From August through April, the Young Gents meet twice a month.

The first monthly session focuses on etiquette and social intelligence. Founder and President of The New School of Etiquette, Tatia Adams-Fox, travels to Atlanta to facilitate sessions on topics including:

  • Proper protocols of fine dining
  • Making a great first impression
  • The art of mastering meaningful conversations
  • Public speaking
  • Communicating through body language

The second session of the month fosters confidence and honing critical social skills. The Young Gents are immersed in sessions where they learn important historical accounts of African-American trials, tragedies, and triumphs that are all too often omitted or glossed over in their classrooms and traditional textbooks. Under the care and guidance of influential African-American male role models from diverse social, political, and professional backgrounds, these workshops teach the Young Gents life lessons including how to tie their own neckties, facing confrontation, financial literacy, presentation skills, and how to take steps towards pursuing their future careers.

In 2017, business travel was added to the Young Gents curriculum. The travel experience is the culmination of the entire program. Here, the Young Gents get to demonstrate the skills that they have acquired over the past nine months in business meetings and challenges such as last year’s Shark Tank-style pitch in front of NYC’s industry leaders and venture capitalists.

Expanding our Young Gents horizons to include environments like the tech industry, the upper echelons of business, new cities, and fine arts culture allows them to envision themselves becoming successful in those worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?

The Atlanta program begins in August 2018 and continues through April 2019.

What does this year's curriculum consist of?

  • Etiquette:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Networking
    • Elevator Pitches
    • Dining protocol
  • Social Intelligence:
    • Fireside chats with African-American tech experts, authors, and economists
    • Philanthropy and social capitalism
    • Fundamentals of Investing
    • All Things Tech
  • Travel Experience

Where will the Young Gents be traveling this year?

Our Young Gents Travel Experience will be to California where the boys will explore Silicon Valley, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. They will tour Space X, visit Disney Land, right the Amtrak train, and sit in on business meetings on the campuses of Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is included in the program payment?

How much is the program and how do I pay?

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